Rhintek LLC is the
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for ELAC Technische Software GmbH.

Rhintek LLC Computer Engineering

Incorporated in 1977, Rhintek is a developer of computer hardware and software systems. Priding itself on its technical expertise, Rhintek maintains a low industry profile in order to remain technology-based in its product strategy and development. Known in the PC market for the EMU/470, the industry leader in Data General terminal emulation, Rhintek was also a main developer in the OS/2 applications market with such well received products as RhinoCom and CallerId/2.

Discovering a similarly minded development house in Germany, Rhintek is collaborating with ELAC Technische Software, GmbH, to provide CARA, a first-class room acoustic modelling package, to the US and Canada.

Major contracts include Atlantic Records, Ore-Ida Foods, US Forest Service, Johns Hopkins University, and the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP).

  • 1974 -- First software product is a software plotting package for Printronix printers.
  • 1975 -- Designed and built the first 32-bit single board computer.
  • 1977 -- Rhintek was incorporated and produced RED, the first screen editor for the Data General Eclipse line of minicomputers.
  • 1978 -- Served on the ANSI committee for the Pascal language and developed the first Pascal compiler for the Data General Minis.
  • 1983 -- Entered the PC market with EMU/220 -- a small, fast terminal emulator for the DG Dasher 200 series terminal.
  • 1987 -- Wrote the definitive technical articles on laser printers for PC Tech Journal (September 87, Volume 5 Number 9).
  • 1988 -- Developed EMU/470, a full featured color and graphics terminal emulator with network compatibility for DG, DEC, and Tektronix terminals.
  • 1992 -- Began development of a full-featured communications product for the OS/2 operating system.
  • 1994 -- Released RhinoCom, an industrial strength, native OS/2, general purpose communications product with an object-oriented approach.
  • 1995 -- Released RhinoCom Home Edition, the RhinoCom engine without the corporate features and with an attractive price.
  • 1996 -- Worked with Grinning Lizard to produce BEM: It Crawled from the Net
  • 1999 -- Partnered with ETS to adapt CARA to the US market.
  • May, 2000 -- CARA Test-CD released in the US/Canada.
  • October, 2000 -- CARA Rel 2.0 released!
  • January, 2002 -- CARA 2.1 Plus Released

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